As may be obvious from the title, this site is intended to provide ideas and assistance with finding ways for people to fix their relationships. It is mainly focused on couples, but I have often found that the principles can be applied to other types of relationships as well. Hopefully you will find the articles and posts you come across whilst looking around it informative and useful.
My name is Elliott Leaming. I’m not a psychiatrist, or counsellor, or so-called ‘relationship expert,’ and the only thing that qualifies me to write and express my opinions on the subject is personal experience. However, I enjoy researching ways to improve my relationships and like to share what I discover and what makes sense to me. Even if a certain topic has been discussed a thousand times before, I like to think that if I can put it in such a way that even just one person learns something, or understands something they previously couldn’t, then the time and effort I put into researching and writing will be well spent.
With that in mind, please feel free to leave comments on any posts as you see fit. Although all comments are moderated before being made public to ensure that only those genuinely taking an interest and providing constructive contributions are included, I would like to assure you that comments will not be excluded purely because they disagree with something on the site. Any opinion expressed in an honest and open-minded way will be accepted as just that – the world would be a boring place if everyone agreed all the time after all!
You will also see links to other resources throughout the site. Some of these resources will be free, and some will require payment to access. I want to keep the information I provide on this website 100% free and in order to do that, where possible, I have made sure that if you purchase anything from a site I have linked to, any commission will go to me. I hope this doesn’t offend anybody – as long you receive at least as much as you would going direct to the merchant, I can’t see a problem as long as I’m honest and up-front about it. I also include the name of any site in plain text so that you can go there without any connection to me, if that’s what you’d prefer.



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